H – (performance)

H - (performance)



“Time qualifies the spark and fire of it.”
W. Shakespeare


It is the nature of time to pass without a trace – this is how it manifests itself; it is neither a subject nor an object. If I take this as a given, a constant of life, and in it set imaginary punctums of my own, I will join the material world of my conception and separate myself from cataloging life with biology. This work is not an author ignited by the eros of torture, but an attempt to express a suspended, condensed, and framed time, an intention of escepe from a formula: Time + Time = Time.


Voice concept 

Photo: Sandro Sulaberidze, KOI 

Video: Sandro Kerauli 

Performance was carried out OXYGEN biennial 2021
Curator : – Ser Sera, Keti Shavgulidze

პერფორმანსი განხორციელდა OXYGEN biennial 2021 – ზე
კურატორები: – სერ სეპა, ქეთი შავგულიძე

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